Band I, II, and III Piano School, Starter Pack for Left-Handers (German Edition)

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Our advantage for you: Take advantage of our starter package! 3 volumes for left-handers These volumes constitute a traditional piano school, but with notation designed for left-handers, meaning the keyboard is mirrored. The melody is played with the left hand, while the accompaniment is predominantly played with the right hand, all mirrored compared to the right-handed piano system. This allows left-handers the same opportunities as right-handers to fully utilize and demonstrate their potential. It's important that left-handers receive the complete package: a mirrored keyboard and the corresponding notation for natural development.

Volume 1 The range of pieces varies from technical studies to performance pieces from the Baroque, Classical Vienna, and Romantic periods. In addition, the book is adorned with many original compositions and modern pieces such as a Boogie Woogie and a light jazz piece, challenging the student on various levels including rhythm, melody, and musical interpretation.

Volume 2 This second volume continues the piano studies from the first volume. Students continue to learn melodic, technical, and rhythmic elements of piano playing. The focus in this volume is on technique, with numerous studies by Czerny and Loso. The difficulty level ranges from the end of the elementary stage to the beginning of the intermediate stage. Many original compositions and numerous performance pieces from Bach to Brahms are included.

Volume 3 This third volume continues the piano studies from the second volume. The main focus of this volume is once again on the enjoyment of playing the piano, with a wide range of pieces including Sonatinas, Rondos, Boogies, and the famous piece "Für Elise" by L.v. Beethoven. The difficulty level of this volume is in the intermediate stage.

Playing piano as a left-hander with left-hand notation?

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