First Piano School for Left-Handers, Course Book Volume 3 (German Edition)

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ISBN: 978-3-941616-02-8

This third volume continues the piano studies from the second volume. The student continues to learn melodic, technical, and rhythmic elements of piano playing. The main focus of this volume is once again on the enjoyment of playing the piano, featuring a wide range of pieces such as sonatinas, rondos, boogies, and the well-known piece "Für Elise" by L.v. Beethoven. The difficulty level of this volume is intermediate.

This volume is a traditional piano school, but it is designed with notation for left-handers, meaning the keyboard is mirrored. Children play the melody with the left hand and primarily accompany with the right hand, all mirrored compared to the right-handed piano system. The primary goal is for children to enjoy playing the piano. Left-handers have the same opportunities as right-handers to fully utilize and demonstrate their potential. It's crucial that left-handers receive the complete package: a mirrored keyboard and corresponding notation, allowing them to play in a way that is natural for their hands.

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