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The e-Klavier 1 offers beginners as well as professional pianists the highest level of playing comfort. The Blüthner Grand Touch action with built-in escapement is weighted in 4 zones for a natural feel, enabling one to explore every nuance of the Blüthner Model One concert grand voice. The Blüthner Direct Control Interface (DCI) operating concept provides quick access through a simple 9-button panel. All functions and sound selections are at your fingertips, including the metronome, fine tuning, transposition, recording and keyboard touch-weight adjustments.

The audio system of the e-Klavier 1 is unique in its class. Developed with the latest digital technology, the e-Klavier 1 features 2 x 50 watt amplifiers and a set of 6” broadband speakers that deliver a rich, acoustical sound.

The e-Klavier 1: the all-around digital piano with fine acoustic sound. Height: 36” / 90 cm   Width: 57” / 144 cm   Depth: 22” / 55,5 cm   Weight: 198 Ibs / 90 kg

Digital Piano - Foliertes Gehäuse, weiß satiniert: 1.499,00 €
Digital Piano - Lackiertes Gehäuse, weiß satiniert: 1.699,00 €

Authentic Acoustic Behavior® rendering acoustic-type behavior in the digital domain. Blüthner 2 x6” speakers with  2 x 50 Watt amplifier deisgned by Blüthner Internal Song Recorder - 1 Song 1 Channel w/ 30,000 notes max
Blüthner APS - Acoustic Piano Simulation ® Technology 128 Polyphony - 144 max. Polyphony Transpose: 24 Semitones up and down
Blüthner Grand Touch Action ® - 4 Zones Graded Hammers with Escapement 25 Sounds + Effects: Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, String & Damper Resonance Tuning: Fine-Tune by 0.5 Hz steps
Blüthner Aliquot String Resonance Modeling ® USB Host, MIDI IN/Out/Thru, Audio IN/OUT, 2x Headphones Touch Weight Adjustment: customizable keyboard resistance
Damper Resonance Modeling utilizing Blüthner APS ® Technology Direct Control Interface - simple, intuitive 9 button backlit panel Metronome: Tempo-range 30 to 280 BPM       
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